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In a nutshell 
Invisible Technologies is searching for a brand and marketing designer, aka communication artist, to join our team. Candidates for this role must be driven to express what our company can do and why it matters in a wide-variety of mediums for an even wider variety of audiences, while enforcing brand consistency or stepwise evolution at every turn.
This role will not be right for many designers, but its sheer diversity will make this a dream opportunity for a curious, conceptual communication artist who would love to challenge their range without having to start their own business. 
Why is this role important for Invisible Technologies? 
Invisible Technologies offers a novel combination of outsourcing and automation to leaders at fast-growing companies and storied enterprises in more than 20 industries. You’re helping us introduce Invisible, explain a novel offering, and inspire a wide variety of leaders in a way that words alone never could. 
The Role: 
You’ll work closely with the marketing, sales, product, and talent teams to create visual assets that sell our services and inspire people to join our company. 

Areas of Ownership:

    • Brand: Evolve the brand, make meaningful choices about visual identity, and roll out updates coherently, in collaboration with marketing, product, and sales. 
    • Campaigns: Co-create campaigns with the marketing and sales teams for a wide variety of audiences and events. 
    • Assets: Create assets—videos, infographics, animations, visuals—which communicate important relationships and ideas, building a library of assets for the company to use 
    • Design Library: Ensure the existing website and collateral components are always up to date, coherent with product, and evolve with the brand on a predictable timeline. 
    • Create a Generative Design System: We’ve got brand assets that need to be turned into a generative design system to reflect the full breadth of our offerings.
    • Manage Workflows with an External Design Provider: Many things the company needs you’ll develop yourself. You’ll also leverage an outside team to create assets under your instruction.

Mindsets & Experience:

    • Communication > Beautification: You are driven not just to make something beautiful, but to make something communicate.
    • Learning > Knowledge: You will be the generalist on the team, expected to develop quick proficiency in a variety of forms of media. You’re the sort of person who learns a new tool on youtube and is ready to try it out the next day.
    • Strategic Use of Humor: Our brand helps people be more productive in a world with myriad, never-ending office chores. Humor helps communicate our unique benefits. We’re brave, bold, and sophisticated.  
    • Background in Advertising a Plus: Ideally, you have a background in advertising. 

Technical Expectations:

    • Proficiency in Figma.
    • 2+ yrs web design experience. Knowing how to design in webflow is a plus, but not a prerequisite.  
    • 2+ yrs of experience with HTML and CSS.
    • 2+ yrs of graphic design experience.
Working Times: US (EDT or PDT) Hours
2022: $81,000 base + $9,000 bonus + equity!
Additional opportunities to earn more equity and increase your ownership percentage of the company, through promotions and through re-distribution of re-acquired shares via buybacks.
Health Benefits or Stipend
Flexible Work Schedule / Unlimited Vacation Days
Work Remotely
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