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In a nutshell
Invisible Technologies is searching for a product designer to join our team. Candidates for this position must speak design, and do their best thinking while discussing, drawing, and refining products that keep our end users in mind and heart. The successful candidate will demonstrate that they:
- helplessly and joyfully design products that improve the lives of people;
- drive toward business relevant solutions and harness competing, cross functional interests in the service of a coherent design approach;
- pair a love of design with a love of design systems to organize priorities, roadmaps, and ideas across company functions; and
enjoy contributing to a fast paced design, product, and engineering team.
Why is this role important for Invisible?
Invisible occupies a fresh, newly carved out position in a marketplace dominated by no frills, horsepower first companies and products. We want our products to be powerful to be sure, but we also want them to be approachable and friendly. To achieve this, product designers at Invisible must frequently interact with our product, operations, customer success, and engineering teams, and be hungry to get in front of our end users to create tactical and strategic impact. 
Because our products also represent our most powerful marketing, sales, and operations tools, product designers will also need the ability to organize and lead meetings with stakeholders across the company. Additionally, at this stage of Invisible’s growth, the product design team must also serve as a catalyst to and check on Marketing and Sales approaches. We are becoming a product first company and need product designers who are excited to promote our products internally as well as externally.
Meeting the design needs of a dynamic startup while holding product design as the north star represents the basic description of the product design role at Invisible. Building and influencing the strategic direction of a design organization covering all design needs across the company, product and non-product related, represents the greater opportunity available for the right candidate who is committed to growing with the company.

Relevant experience and mindset

    • Demonstrated proficiency with Figma. Successful candidates will be able to show or describe a past workflow that brought a project from start to finish in figma and then created as a fully functioning app.  
    • 2+ years of UX/UI experience executing product designs tied to business outcomes. Academic degrees are optional! A thoughtful and visually scrumptious portfolio is not.
    • 1-2+ years facilitating the design process cross functionally. You have a design process and point of view informed by thoughtful research, ongoing product driven interest, and a knack for turning design desires into design realities. You are not afraid to convene and drive a meeting; indeed, you do so with panache!
    • Experience engaging with stakeholders at all levels of a fast paced company, from the CEO to members of your immediate team.
    • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills. There’s no audience you cannot engage, no design approach or decision you cannot summarize in a thoughtful presentation. Written and verbal communication skills are especially important at Invisible.
    • Experience as a member of a remotely organized team. You show up to work and meetings on time even if you are wearing pajama pants.

Bonus qualifications

    • Experience designing SaaS products.
    • 2+ years with hands-on experience building in HTML5, CSS, Flexbox.
    • Background or strong interest in product marketing is a plus. 
Compensation & Benefits
Working Times: US (EST or PST) Hours
2022: $81,000 annual base + $9k Annual Bonus Potential + Generous Equity!
Additional opportunities to earn more equity and increase your ownership percentage of the company, through promotions and through re-distribution of re-acquired shares via buybacks.
Healthcare Benefits (or Stipend Option)
Flexible Work Schedule / Unlimited Vacation Days
Work Remotely
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