PR Marketing Lead

North America Only
Mar, 16
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In a nutshell 
Invisible Technologies is searching for a PR Marketing Lead to join our team. Candidates for this role must be driven to communicate what our company can do, why it matters, and how it works for a variety of audiences that they identify, refine, test, and re-test. A successful candidate will have a strong bias toward action, learning through doing, and be motivated to gauge success in terms of earned media and overall media impressions.
Why is this role important for Invisible Technologies? 
Invisible Technologies offers a combination of outsourcing and automation to fast-scaling, innovative companies requiring a hybrid human-machine approach to power their business processes. We call this hybrid approach work-sharing. Companies that workshare understand and use our services in relation to their business-critical needs. 
The PR Marketing Lead will help package and communicate worksharing case studies and stories to share with journalists, podcast hosts, and wider media markets. No channel is too traditional or too weird, too local or too global. From the Wall Street Journal, to TechCrunch, to a popular podcast, or Tik Tok, we want Invisible to share stories and updates wherever our users and potential users share and consume media. 
What will this role contribute?
You will work closely with teammates on sales, product, and marketing to create collateral and PR campaigns that sell our services to new and existing markets and inspire existing clients to spread the word about work-sharing.
Areas of Ownership
- PR Outreach Campaign Creation and Management: Create, monitor, and analyze PR outreach campaigns. 
- Press Release Distribution: Organize and consolidate existing press lists and manage the distribution of press releases to push stories of interest. 
- Media Relationship Cultivation: Cultivate professional connections with media and influencers using personal and professional networks.
- PR Metric Definition: Define and monitor PR metrics like earned media, media impressions, media reach, share of voice vis-a-vis defined market competitors.
Areas of Influence:
- Brand Evolution: Work with teammates in Design, Product, Sales, and Marketing to evolve the look and feel of our brand. Our current brand era is called Inviisble Manticore. Who knows, maybe Invisible Griffin or Invisible Chimera is next!
- Brand Messaging Evolution: Evolve the messages and messaging that make up our brand, make meaningful choices about visual identity, and roll out updates coherently, in collaboration with marketing, product, and sales. 
- Ad Campaign Creation: Create, monitor, and analyze ad campaigns pitching specific process products and our company as a whole. 
- Asset Design: Collaborate with teammates in Design, Sales, and Marketing to create simple yet compelling visual assets and asset classes that will bolster our ability to share our stories. 
- Media Omnivore: You are a voracious consumer of media and media trends. You have an informed point of view on different media channels and types. You are unafraid to engage with media.
- Excellent Communication Skills: You can demonstrate an ability to synthesize and communicate complex concepts. You enjoy writing to communicate with an audience in an artful way. You may have hobbies that give you opportunities to write your own lyrics, poems, stories, or you may just love to journal for an audience of one.
- Obsessive Builder: You have the ambition to build. You are obsessive about your professional growth. You enjoy following businesses, artists, brands, or people during their growth journeys from obscurity to wider visibility.  
- Bias Toward Action: You are a field learner or you learn most effectively when you are simultaneously learning and doing.
- Scientific Curiosity: You feel most professionally at home when you are running an experiment with predefined start and end times. You always prefer to have a goal and a means for evaluating a goal’s achievement. If someone does not define a goal for you, you have no problem defining a goal for yourself.
- 1+ years in a PR or PR related communications role
- 1+ years in a communications role
- 1+ years developing communications campaigns
- 1+ years creating or collaborating to create ad campaigns 

Preferred Experience:

    • 1-5 years previous entrepreneurial business experience.
    • 1+ years using webflow 
    • 1+ years using Google AdWords
Nota Bene
We would love to hire a creatively minded person who is fearless about their own professional development. More important than a degree or formal experience is the ability to quickly learn and rapidly adapt. In addition to learning and adapting, a successful candidate will demonstrate through their past experience an ability to get over mistakes and overcome obstacles quickly.
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